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      Welcome to the Suzhou Amsedm Machine Co.ltd!
      about hengchang
      Suzhou Amsedm Machine Co.ltd

      Suzhou Amazon Machine Tool Co., Ltd. was established in 2011, located in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province. The company designs, manufactures and manufactures high-precision and high-performance digital spark piercing machine. It has a complete research and development, production, manufacturing, after-sales service system, and the ability of self-research and development of controllers. Over the past seven years, the company's scale and product categories have developed rapidly. The products have been sold to cities all over China and exported to Europe and the United States and other regions. It has become the best perforator brand in the domestic electrical processing industry.........

      Design Ability
      Innovation ability
      Transport capacity
      Professional products, sincere service and common progress
      R&D, Production and Sales
      Strength is strong and guaranteed
      Professional Innovation
      Suzhou Amsedm Machine Co.ltd
      The rotating head of the motor is designed as a whole, with tungsten steel wear-resistant sheet and multiple waterproof structure.
      well appointed
      The main products are EDM piercing machine, WEDM machine, WEDM high frequency control cabinet.
      One-key processing, depth-setting function, center-dividing function, fixed end-face function, expert database, polarity conversion, digital sampling
      Close after-sales service
      The company adheres to the concept of technical expertise, endless technology, integrity-based, customer-oriented, dedicated to To create products with market competitiveness.
      Sub Marston honor
      Cooperative partner Amazon's long-term partner
      NEWS Focus on Amazon Information